05/29/30     First Village Council meeting held at the home of Dr. Hugo Betz.

02/00/31     Council approves tax rate of 2.5 mills.

07/00/31     William H. Halling appointed Deputy Sheriff of Shoreham Village.

02/00/32     Agreed by Council that Lehman’s factory will be their permanent meeting place.

11/00/32     First building permit issued to Mr. HInkle.

03/00/33     Mr. Martin Dwan appointed Village Marshall

10/06/33     It was moved that twelve (12) copies of the Village Ordinance be made and one  (1) sent to each of the property holders in the Village.

06/00/36     Appointment of Mr. Fred Skibbe as the first Health Officer.

08/00/36     Council discussed possibility of the Shoreham Improvement Association buying  a lot and building a community house. The motion carried that the Village would guarantee to rent the hall as a meeting place and voting place. The rent to be  fifteen dollars ($15.00) per month.

05/00/38    Resolution passed by the Council to rent space in the Community Buiolding to be erected by the Shoreham Improvement Association, a non-profit corporation, for a term of ten years from and after the date of completion of said building at a rate of fifteen dollars ($15.00) per month.

08/00/38    First meeting of the Council in the Community House.

12/00/47    Council accepted contract of Indiana and Michigan Electric Company to install and maintain nine lights in the Village.

06/00/48    It is resolved that the Highway known as Lake Shore Drive (formerly M-11) be vacated, discontinued and abolished.

01/00/49    Resolved to enter into a one year lease for the continued use of the Village Hall.

10/00/50   Resolved that the boundaries of the Village of Shoreham be altered by taking in and annexing the premises occupied by Brown School.

11/00/50    It is moved by the Council that the Village of Shoreham join with St. Joseph Township in the purchase and housing of fire extinguishing apparatus and equipment.

12/00/50    Council moved that their President, Mr. Schillinger, talk to the School Board relative to using Brown School as a meeting place for the Village Council.

08/00/51    Plat of the Hanley’s subdivision accepted by the Council.

05/00/52     Official canvas of votes as to the annexation of a part of Shoreham to the City of Saint Joseph show a total of 71 votes cast: 42 voted “YES” and 29 voted “NO”.

09/00/53    Council approved street lights to be installed on Brown School Road.

11/00/53   Mr. Halling submitted a preliminary plan for a subdivision between Wissing Lane and U.S. 12.

01/00/54   Acceptance by Village Council of Halling plat.

10/00/55   Council accepts the proposal of Mr. Yerington to pave Brown School Road.

06/00/56   Voted by the Council to spray the elm trees in the Village for Dutch Elm disease.

07/00/56   Agreed by the Council that since a great majority of property owners in the North Shoreham area wish to become annexed to Shoreham we would accept them as residents and property owners in the Village.

09/00/56   Plans for lights on Wissing Lane approved by the Council.

11/00/56   The matter of a new meeting place for the Village Council came under discussion as the old Brown School Building has been purchased by the Church of Christ.

02/00/57   The 1957 Building and Zoning Ordinance of the Village of Shoreham adopted by the Council.

03/00/57    Council agrees to purchase a lot on Brown School Road upon which a Village Hall will be constructed.

06/00/57    Structural plans for a village hall accepted by the Council. Mr. Gene Alden authorized to obtain contracts from the contractor involved.

07/00/57    First meeting held in new Shoreham VIllage Hall on Brown School Road.

09/00/57    Decide to hold painting bee for Village Hall.

03/00/58    Dr. G.N. Beal appointed Village Health Officer.

07/00/48    Mr. Van Sickel stated that all elm trees in the Village had been sprayed and that seven trees ha been found to be affected with Dutch Elm disease.

09/00/58    October 11th agreed as the date for the Open House celebration in the new Shoreham Village Hall.

 More to be added here as we begin to go through all the records we can find to update our history.



Village Council Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, beginning at 7:30 p.m. at the Village Hall, located at 2120 Brown School Road. The public is always welcome to attend any meeting of the Village Council.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The February meeting of the Council has been changed from February 14 to February 21, 2018.


The next meeting of the Planning Commission will be on the first Wednesday of  every third month.  So, the 2018 schedule is 2/7/2018, 5/2/2018, 8/1/2018 and 11/7/2018. All meetings are at the Village Hall and will begin at  7:00 pm.


Nothing upcoming at this time.


The Village of Shoreham is located at 2120 Brown School Road in Shoreham Village, Michigan. The office phone number is 269-429-8560 and now, if the phone call  is unanswered,  the voice message will go directly to the Clerk’s phone and email.