Effective October, 2017

After a review of the fees the Village charges for various services, the Village Council has approved the following fee structure. These fees cover such services as Freedom-of-Information-Act (FOIA) requests, zoning application and other such services. The Village charges these fees to recover the cost of providing the services.  Most documents are available on the village website at no charge.

Description Notes Fee
Copies 8 ½ x 11” only One sided (B&W)/per page $1
Two sided (B&W)/per page $2
One sided (Color)/per page $2
Two sided (Color)/per page $4
Village Charter $4
Village Budget $5
Audit Report $30
Master Plan $40
Zoning Ordinance Includes 8 ½ x 11” map $60
Zoning Map Only 8 ½ x 11” $2
General Ordinances $40
Single Ordinances $3/page
Assessment/Tax Roll $3/page
Mailing Documents Actual fee + $2
Returned Check Fee (NSF) $35
FOIA Request Per Policy
Notary Public Resident: 1 document $0
Resident: Each document thereafter $5
Non-Resident: Each document $10
Park Pavilion Rental Small Pavilion – Residents $0
Park Pavilion Rental Small Pavilion – Non-Residents $25
Park Pavilion Rental Large Pavilion – Residents $0
Park Pavilion Rental Large Pavilion – Non-Residents $50
Park Pavilion Electricity Large Pavilion Only $25/3 hours
Village Hall Rental: Mtg Only Deposit $50
Village Hall Rental: Mtg Only 2 to 4 hours only; Residents $25/hr
Village Hall Rental: Mtg Only 2 to 4 hours only; Non- Residents $50/hr
Garage Sale Permit Not required; for up to 3 days, 2 times per year. $0
Additional Garage Sales Not permitted. Fine imposed. $100


Community Planning and Development

Zoning fees do not include any professional review fees the Village may incur. These additional fees are the responsibility of the applicant and must be paid BEFORE approval of the permit or application.

Variance Requests Plus professional service fees $350
Dimensional V.R. Plus professional service fees $200
Rezoning Requests Plus professional service fees $350
Appeals Plus professional service fees $150
Lot Splits/Combinations/Village Approval Plus professional service fees $50
Public Right of Way Vacation Plus professional service fees $400
Right of Way Permits $500 Deposit and insurance. Plus professional service fees. $200
Special Use Permits $350
Formal Ordinance Interpretation Plus professional service fees $100
Any Additional or Special Meetings $300
The following fees are payable to the Saint Joseph Charter Township:
Home Occupation Permit Applications $150
Home Occupation Renewal $50
Private Road Permit $350
Site Plan Review Over half acre, add $100 per half acre $350
Site Plan Review Amendment Over half acre, add $100 per half acre $350
Rental Inspection Fee Every two years $100
Rental Re-Inspection Fee Failure to Comply – Each Occurrence $150
Pool Fills $225
Demolition Permits Residential $100
Commercial: up to 10,000 sq. ft. $100
Commercial: Larger (not to exceed) $200
Certificate of Occupancy $350
Failure to Register Rental Units After January 1, 2018 $300
Mowing of Noxious Weed and Grasses Initial violation plus mowing fees. $100
Mowing Failure to Comply Each Subsequent Offense plus mowing fees $150
Sign Permit Permanent $100
Wireless consultant fees shall be withdrawn from the escrow at the hourly rate of $200. The applicant must replenish the escrow if the balance is less than $250
Wireless Fees New Tower:  Initial escrow $1000
Village Application Fee New Tower:  Village Application Fee $1000
Co-Location or Modification Wireless consultant fee $8500


Village Council Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, beginning at 7:30 p.m. at the Village Hall, located at 2120 Brown School Road. The public is always welcome to attend any meeting of the Village Council.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The February meeting of the Council has been changed from February 14 to February 21, 2018.


The next meeting of the Planning Commission will be on the first Wednesday of  every third month.  So, the 2018 schedule is 2/7/2018, 5/2/2018, 8/1/2018 and 11/7/2018. All meetings are at the Village Hall and will begin at  7:00 pm.


Nothing upcoming at this time.


The Village of Shoreham is located at 2120 Brown School Road in Shoreham Village, Michigan. The office phone number is 269-429-8560 and now, if the phone call  is unanswered,  the voice message will go directly to the Clerk’s phone and email.