WELCOME TO THE VILLAGE OF SHOREHAM WEBSITE, and thank you for “clicking in” to visit us, whether it be by intent or just browsing the web. Notice the header above says, “It Takes A Village”, and we understand exactly what that means. In order for a small city, town or village governance to survive, it takes a village to be competent, smart and competitive in the world we live in today.

We are nestled between the Village of Stevensville and the City of Saint Joseph, in southwest Michigan. We are just 25 miles north of the Indiana border on I-94. Enjoy our “Michigan Map“. see if you can find us!  This area is a popular tourist attraction between June and September of each year. Many call the Village of Shoreham the best-kept secret of Southwest Michigan. Most of us just call it home. One of our Council Trustees even called us the Pearl of Southwest Michigan. We happen to agree!

The Village of Shoreham is extremely lucky in that we have nine very committed, very passionate and very caring individuals who have stepped up to the plate to be the caretakers of this village, and to be the voice of our residents when called for.  Our village officers and trustees work hard to do what is right for you. They council gives up one night a month to sit in a usually lengthy meeting to discuss what can be done to improve our village and what can be done to make our residents feel safe and secure. Our Village Officers are:

President Bruno Trapikas
Clerk Debra Trapikas
Treasurer Dan Maxon

Our Council Members are:
Trustee Bob Lawrence, President Pro Tem
Trustee Brian Bird (also our Street Administrator)
Trustee Stephanie Clarke
Trustee Marie-Christine Escoda-Risto
Trustee Ken Keller (also our Emergency Management Administrator)
Trustee Reneta Mais

Our Village Attorney is Jessica Fette of the law firm Banyon, Banyon, Fette and Campbell.

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Our Village Hall is located at 2120 Brown School Road, Saint Joseph, MI 49085. All mail should be sent to the Hall. Our Village Clerk is regularly scheduled at the Hall on each Wednesday from 10 am – 2 pm. However, she is there off an on almost all days of the week. If you see a car out front, that is probably hers. Our village phone number is 269-429-8560.

So, have a sit and keep browsing our website to find out more about our wonderful village. It really is the “Pearl of Southwest Michigan

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